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Wizzy Dizzy 2 Towable

Wizzy Dizzy 2 Towable

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Accelerate your fun on the water with Jetpilot's Wizzy Dizzy 2 Towable in the vibrant Black/Green colorway, a thrilling addition to your aquatic adventures, accommodating up to two riders. This unique towable combines exceptional design, durable materials, and exciting features to intensify your water experience and provide joyful moments under the sun.

🔍 Features and Benefits:

👥 Designed for up to Two Riders: Whether riding solo or with a companion, enjoy exhilarating rides and dynamic experiences on the water.

🌟 Heavy Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper: Experience enduring protection and longevity with a rugged cover that withstands the elements and high-speed antics.

🎈 Heavy Gauge PVC Bladder: Count on a robust and reliable inner structure that ensures stability and resilience during high-intensity rides.

 Double Webbing Foam Handles with Padded Knuckle Guards: Hold on tight with ergonomic handles designed for optimal grip, comfort, and security, protecting your hands during every twist and turn.

🌊 Reinforced Tow System: Trust in a superior towing experience with enhanced strength and reliability, allowing for smooth and controlled rides.

🔗 Quick Connect Tow Hook: Enjoy hassle-free connections and rapid setups, maximizing your time on the water and making every moment count.

📸 POV Camera Mounting Point: Capture every thrilling moment and breathtaking view with the convenient camera mounting point, preserving your adventures forever.

 Product Features:

  • Designed for up to two riders

  • Heavy duty full nylon cover with zipper

  • Heavy gauge PVC bladder

  • Double webbing foam handles with padded knuckle guards

  • Reinforced Tow system

  • Quick connect Tow hook

  • POV Camera mounting point

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